Monday, June 21, 2010's been a while

The past year has been so busy! I just realized I haven't blogged since right before school started last year. Since then, I have come one class away from completing my master's and had my sweet baby boy, Layton. Logan is now hitting real baseballs with this tee-ball bat and will be turning 3 in just 3 days. I cannot believe how quickly the time has past! He is so incredibly obsessed with baseball and unless you have spent some time with him, I don't think you understand how bad it is. He pretends to play everywhere we go. He is the catcher, pitcher, fielder, umpire, announcer, vendor and fans all in one. He gets struck out, hits line drive doubles, singles and home runs. He knows all of the Braves players names and adds them to his own. A few of his favorites are Chipper Jones, Jason Heyward, Brian McCann, Troy Glaus and Eric Hinske- all with Logan added to the end of their names when he's playing. He does enjoy playing with his cars, trains and other toys, but he prefers activities that involve sports and baseball is always his first choice. He can play Wii baseball, bowling and golf all by himself and is quite good at them for a two year old. He has recently started enjoying swimming and gave us a huge scare the other day. We were swimming with my friend Leigh and her two sons when he forgot we took his float off for a snack and he got back into the pool without it. He stepped right off the steps when Leigh and I both realized he was drowing at the same time. I was holding Layton so she jumped in and grabbed him. He hadn't swallowed any water at all and was ready to swim again once he got his float back on. I realized then that he has to take swim lessons just because of how comfortable he has become around the water.

Layton has become a huge momma's baby. He wants me to hold him all the time and that makes it hard to get a lot done around here. I will let him cry it out while I do some things but it just breaks my heart. I don't know how he's going to do when I go back to work, but hopefully, he'll be okay for Wanda, our babysitter. He smiles and tries to talk some and can hold his head up quite well. I also think that he's beginning to cut a tooth.

I only have one class left before I finish my Master's degree and I cannot wait to be done. Even though I have not worked for three months now and have had lots of time with my kids, I will be so glad not to have to worry about school, even if I am back at work!

We joined the Y about a month ago and I love it. It took Logan a good week to get use to being dropped off and Layton is still having a hard time because they can't hold him the whole time he is there, but we are managing to get a good workout in most days that we go and I have to say that it really has improved my energy level a lot to be exercising. I just hope we can get Layton in there and calm the whole time so they don't have to call one of us over the PA system to get is so embarrasing!

I'll update again later this week. I think it's time for me to head to bed (it's 12:42 a.m.).

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