Monday, January 3, 2011

Dawn is the bomb!!!

So, I just have to share a new product by Dawn that every woman needs in their house. It's called Dawn Power Dissolver, and I swear by this stuff!

I was first introduced to it on Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law's house while we were cleaning up the dinner dishes. We had a dish with dried mac-and-cheese and a crock pot with pinto beans dried to the side that needed to be cleaned. She told me to spray this stuff on it and leave it for a little while. I did what she said, and the dishes were clean in no time.

Fastfoward to tonight...

I came home to make dinner and decided to make roasted potatoes with my pork chops. The dish always is hard to clean when I cook this because the ranch dressing burns on to the side, but this time I was fully prepared for its wrath! After Luke cleaned the kitchen (no, I'm not kidding, he really did and does most nights), I sprayed the dish and this it what it looked like...

Then I let it sit for 30 minutes (the bottle recommends 15-20, but this was really set in). It took me only 5 minutes with minimal effort to clean the dish.

I'm telling you have got to pick one of these babies up. It's right near the dish soap and well worth it!!!!