Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baseball Madness

My two year old son is more obsesssed with baseball than most grown men. He loves to hit, throw and catch the ball. He plays baseball at the dinner table with straws and forks for bats and the wadded up straw paper for his ball. I even used my straw as a tee one night at dinner, and he loved it. During the home run derby Monday night, Logan saw the pitchers taking balls from the bucket to pitch so Logan pretended to take one from the basket in the tv and throw it. He has better form than me and has the perfect bat flip so that when he does hit his first home run, he'll be ready to trot around the bases.

Right now, Logan has two gloves, about 10 different sized bats and about 40-50 different balls to play with. Most of those are outside and the rest are on their way to the outside bucket because he is just too good. By the time he plays t-ball, Logan is going to run circles around most of the other kids. I can see everyone on the team playing in the dirt and whining about being bored while Logan is getting mad because they are not paying attention or make mistakes. It will be then that he gets a good lesson in sportsmanship and cooperation. We hope to sign him up next spring right before he turns 3, but I doubt that there will be enough kids for a pre-tee league so it might have to be another year.

Logan is telling me he is ready for lunch now, so I better go.


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